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How well do you know PopularMMOS?

This survey will test to see if you are a true PopularMMOs (Pat) fan. It will ask you questions about videos from 2012/13-2015! Be prepared to be asked some of the hardest and easiest questions about the 3.6 million subbed gaming YouTuber, Pat from PopularMMOs! *Pointer: questions are pretty tough towards the end, refresh your knowledge by watching some of his oldest videos before you continue this test*
~Extra Information: this test was created by BballGymnast19 on Minecraft and I was inspired to make this test by DanTDM after watching his "Do you know DanTDM tests" through this website. Pat is my biggest inspiration and I've always been determined to actually succeed in the YouTube community.~


What was the name of his series that was posted in 2014 in which he and Jen did an ultimate modded survival?



What is the name of Pat's girlfriend?



In his Snake Minigame video, what place did Pat get in the second game?



In the pink lucky block mod, what was the name of the witch Pat found in a lucky block?



What mob did the mutant creeper and mutant zombie battle in his Mob Battles series?



What was his pet creeper's name in his old videos?



What was his animal bike in Total Insanity?



In his Hypixel TNT run (after the first few blew up), in what biome did he hide with Jen in?



How many Minecraft Mod Showcase videos does he have as of March 9, 2015?



When Pat announced he was brining Lucky Block Hunger Games to his channel, what was the first map him and Jen played?



LAST QUESTION: What was one of his first mod showcase videos?


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