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What do the guys from TMNT think of you?

Always wanted to know what Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey would think of you? Well take this test to find out! It also has some RP in it for all you RP fans out there!


Welcome to my quiz/test! Hope you enjoy!



Me: Anyway...Let's start off with some RP?



You were on your rooftop, at night, looking up at the stars, deep in thought. You were ripped out of your thoughts by a big 'Clash' sound, followed by a 'BOOM'. You squickly stood up and walked to the source of the noise. Wehn you reached where the sound came from, you saw 4 mutated turtles. You?



After seeing the four turtles, you couldn't focus so you bumped onto an air vent, making a 'bang' noise, which resulted in all 4 of them looking right at you. "Are you okay miss/sir?" The blue masked turtle asked before you blacked out.



Your eyes fluttered open due to a pounding in your head and a massive headache. "Miss/Sir? Are you okay?" A familiar voice asked. You turned your gaze upwards towards the turtles and said...



They backed away a bit, giving you some space to breathe. After introducing yourself, they introduced themselves and told you how they came to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You eventually grew close to them and they started asking you to hang out more! You grew attached to every single one of them and their personalities and you became the best of friends!



Me: Well that's the end of RP! Sorry, but I've run out of ideas and questions...And SOMEONE isn't really helping come up with ideas! *Looks at the guys*
Leo: *Smiles nervously* W-Well, Then I'll ask a question!
Raph: *Laughs* this oughta be good!
Leo: *Glares at Raph* Okay, what's your favorite color?
Me: *Facepalms* Sooooo original Leo!
Leo: *Shrugs*
(This does NOT affect your result!)



Me: Raphie! It's your turn!
Raph: Don't call me that!
Me: make me!
Donnie: *Breaks us apart* okay okay! Just ask the question before someone loses an eye!
Raph: *Growls* fine! What do you think of her? *Points to me*
Me: *Gulps*



Me: Donnie! Your turn!
Donnie: *Smiles, showing his gap* How smart are you?
Me and the others: *Facepalms*



Me: Mikey! It's-
Mikey: *chips in* Do you like pizza?
Me: *Sighs* I'm surrounded by idiots...



Me: okay! Last question! Would you-
Leo: Rate?
Donnie: Comment?
Mikey: Eat pizza?
Me and the others: *Facepalms* MIKEY!!!
Mikey: *laughs nervously*


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