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Would You Survive a Zombie Outbreak?

This test will make you put yourself in a zombie apocalypse and will ask you basic questions on how to survive this disaster


You are listening to the radio and hear news of a zombie outbreak. What will you do?



You stop at a supplies store with some cash. What will you buy?



You are exiting the supplies store and see an angry horde of zombies coming your way. What do you do?



After you kill those zombies, you go into the store with the survivors and find that one got infected. What do you do?



After you have taken care of that zombie, what will you do to plan for future attacks?



You are all set and you see an army of zombies coming towards the store-What will you do?



Your store was overrun by zombies- and all the survivors were infected. What are you going to do?



You are getting away when suddenly, a huge, heavily armed zombie spawns and starts to run towards you-What will you do?



You are surrounded with nowhere to go. What do you decide to be your last words?



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