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Lockdown Before Lunch 7

I'm really sorry about the long hold. But here it is. This one starts at night and a robber roams school. He wants to steal items, and targets you to steal.


You are at a party in the school, in the gym. It's around 9:00 and suddenly, the alarm/bell goes off. You are told to stay in the room and be silent. While you are silent you find some food.



You fill up your water bottle and put your food in your backpack. Suddenly, the nerd group is handing out one free extra to everyone. You pick?



Suddenly, the lights go off and you hear screaming. Suddenly, the roof flies off the building and heavy rain pelts into the room, and it's black night. Everyone screams louder, even some of the tough people.



You look for shelter and you are cold and wet, then something grabs you.



It turns out to be the robber. He puts a knife to your neck when he hen drops you and runs off, after catching his knife. You think about what could've scared him when suddenly, your friend rushes to you. You both share items.



Suddenly, another shape comes towards you and it is the robber again. Your friend doesn't get captured but you do in a metal cage. Your friend is too scared to help, but you understand.



You get punched hard and you faint.



You wake up as you hear a fight going on and you see your crush fighting at the robber.



Your crush defeats the robber and ties him up with a rope. Your crush frees you from the cage and calls the cops on his iPhone 6.



The cops reward you and your crush with your own party house where you hangout and have parties It comes with a giant cinema with popcorn, etc machines and all that. And you can watch anything even stuff not on DVD yet.


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