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Do you know your famous jammers?

Blah blah blah description blah blah blah I like cheese blah blah blah


Ok let's get started. Am I famous? (My user is XXEPICBETAGIRLXXlol



I'm a hacker. I hacked lots of people in 2012. I hack them by sending them a jam-a-gram. My tag says awesome sunny brave. Who am I?



I was the most subscribed to animal jam channel on YouTube. Before my channel got deleted. I wore a black spike collar and wristband with sunglasses.



I like to wear my creamy tan worn blanket. I like to wear orange. One of my animals wear creamy spiked hair. Who am I?



I am the nicest jammer in animal jam. I do lots of giveaways. My sister is proven who am I?



Name two toy reviewers who played animal jam.



Who is Fman122's backup account?



I love my little pony. I like pink, unicorns, and gummy bears. Who am I?



Who does lots of trolls and makes fun of other animal jam youtubers in a nice, funny way?



Last question!!!!! Who's best friend is Catgoesmoo?


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