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School lockdown! (Good)

Try to survive a school lockdown...made by MJ.


You are in maths class when the school alarm goes off. Your teacher yells SCHOOL KILLER! And she then says to follow her.



If you went with your teacher or you 2 besties, your safe. Otherwise you had a panic attack and died. But still carry on.
You and the rest of your class (and teacher) decided to team up anyway. You go to:



If you went to the gate the killer found you...feel free to carry on though. Otherwise u r safe. If you went to the cafeteria you know have food supplies and a kitchen knife. And if you went to the gym u noticed the phone was out of charge, so you have no supplies. Wherever you are...you here footsteps.....what do you do?



It turns out the person who opened the door was the new girl, Sydney yelling for us because she got lost and had never heard of a school lockdown before. If you hid In the closet, then you didn't come out..resulting In Sydney yelling louder which attracted the killer. (Ooh) but if you hid while pretending to be dead, Sydney hid with you. Only answer the next question if you attracted the killer. The killer is coming, Sydney got caught and you teacher had a panic attack. What do you do?



If you screamed, or sacrafised yourself you died.if you sacrafised someone else you loose all your supplies (if u had any) and if you stayed calm or kissed your crush then you are still safe. The killer has left...now the people who pretended to be dead are back in the quiz too. The killer left. A few hours later you and 3 others come with you to leave the school and get help. The other 3 people include Your BFF, The Smartest Person In Your Class And Amy (Your Enemy). You are at the school gate. It's locked though. Do you:



You died if you tried to search for the key. Otherwise you lived. But if you prayed Then Your BFF died. You are over the gate and you run to your home when you notice that only Amy is behind you. You ask where she is, but she says she doesn't no. You keep running till you get home when you tell your parents. They say to tell the police so we called but they said they were to late.....you:



The next few questions are going to be about random stuff.
1. Do you like pancakes?



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