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Could you survive in the wild?

You and a pilot are flying over the country side. There are supplies, like food and medicine, on the plane. Suddenly, your pilot spazzes out. You watch, sickened, as he gasps, doubles over, and falls. He could be having a heart attack! You don't know how to fly, and the plane careens into a lake. You climb out, mostly unharmed, but you're alone in the wilderness, surrounded by trees for maybe hundreds of miles. They're are wild animals, including boar, bears, deer etc. What are YOUR chances of survival?? Take tehis quiz to find out!!


So, you're now in the Deep wilderness. By the way, what's your age?



Like I was saying, you're in Wild Territory. Whats the first thing you would do?



Do you have any experience being in the wilderness?



You've broken off a few wood, and made yourself a makeshift, really-sharp stick/sword. Upon walking, you hear a few rustles, and creep silently. Ahead is a wild boar. Your stomach growls. You haven't eaten...but dem tusks doe... If you don't eat soon, you could grow weak.



What experience do you have to gutting/preparing a kill? 1=most talented, 5=no wah brah



Soon, night falls overhead. Without familiar street lights, it gets really dark. Bad animals hunt at this time. You need a shelter...what do you do?



Night passes, you've made it out okay. The next day, you head for a lake for your parched mouth, but suddenly pass a black bear family. The mama snarls and stands on her hind legs. Looks like she wants to fight. What do you do?



One day, a weird buzzing noise awakens you. You stumble out of your shelter, and gaze up. A helicopter. :0



So how do you feel?



The correct answer to teh last question was 'I like trains'. Did you get it right? Oh and btw the survival quiz is over, I'm just using this to fill up the remaining q's.


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