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Sly Cooper Quiz!

Him this was made by a CRAZY Sly Cooper fan, and I just wanted to give this a try. Sorry if the questions aren't hard enough, I just wanted a try. I love these games, and I hope you do too! I hope this quiz is fun for you and tests what you know!


Let's test your knowledge! First off, what is NOT one of Sly's family heirlooms?



How did Sly meet his best friends?



Here's a tough one for non-master thieves! What two foods do we see Sly eating in the second and third games?



Alright, when does Bentley fall in love with Penelope?



Which bad guy(s) from Sly 1 come back and join the gang in Sly 3?



Where did Sly and Carmelita meet?



What is Carmelita's main weapon called?



Okay, you have to know this. What color are Sly's eyes?



Okay, you probably will know this if you watch the cutscenes. Which of Sly's ancestors carries a dagger with a crooked handle?



Alright, last one! Here's a real tough one! How does the Thievius Raccoonus explain how to do Rioichi's ninja spire jump?


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