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How well do you love your parents?

Please take this test to find out if how much you love your parents! If you get a bad score, take the test again. Don't take it seriously if it was a bad score. I'm only 10 so, yeah! My email is rowesara20@gmail.com and you can tell me if you liked it! Thank you and enjoy this test!


You are waiting for your Mom at school and she is 20 minutes late to pick you up,do you



You have a couple of friends over and your mom brings home her sewing club with no notice. What do you do?



You come home from school and your mom broke your favorite toy. (iPad, Legos, ect) She says sorry but you are still mad.



Your mom wants to watch a romance comedy that you heard about last week. The review said "HORRIBLE" and "DO NOT WATCH". Do you



Your dad hugs you and kisses you in front of all your friends.



Your best friend tells you that your mom is weird.



Your mom tells you to join the school play, and you know it's always a musical. You don't want to hurt her feelings, but you don't want to do it!



Yay! Your dad takes you to a surprise place for the weekend. OH NO! He's taking you FISHING...You HATE fishing.



Your mom comes home with ice cream...Yay! Oops, it's pecan and pistachio flavored. -_-



Here is the last question. How much do you love your parents?


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