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Are you beautiful?

Take this test and find out if you are TRULY beautiful.


Do YOU think you're beautiful?



If you were standing in front of a really pretty girl, what would you do?



Has anyone ever called you beautiful/ lovely/ cute/ pretty etc.?



How much makeup do you wear?



What is your prettiest feature? (My crystal blue eyes, my perfectly rounded nose, my dimpled chin)



Is this getting boring?



Do you think I'm pretty? Take a guess!!



I have never doubted that I was pretty. Even when I got overweight, or when my face broke out EVERYWHERE I've never doubted I was pretty, whether anyone else in this ridiculous, over-judging world thought so or not. Anyway, back to you. Have you ever compared yourself to models or other girls?



Almost done!!! How many times a week do you actually look in the mirror and say, "Wow, I'm so amazingly beautiful!!"



Last one. Do you have any friends who love you for you are. (Although you probably wouldn't want to) you could walk up to looking perfectly and naturally awful and they'll still talk to and laugh with you?


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