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The Love Test

this test will see if you are really in love

1) how do you feel around her/him ?

warm inside
forget what im doing
my heart races

2) do you ...... want to talk to her/him ?


3) what would you do after a date with her/him ?

sit on my bed and daydream about her
think of the things we did in the date
make a plan for next week
call her up
forget about it and do something else

4) have you told her/him you ....

like her/him alot
love her/him
cant live without her/him
want to always be friends
think (s)hes hot
love her when you didnt mean it

5) would you do something that you hate most just to make her/him happy?

Yes,id do anything
yes,anything short of dying
really depends
no,i have things my way

6) would you kiss her/him in front of your friends(or her friends)

No,id get embarassed
if im in the mood
if theres not too many people there

7) would you die(or kil)for her/him ?

Yes,id do anything for her/him
No,life is too short
no,but id do anything else

8) would you cry for her/him ?

veryy much
if i would never see her/him again

9) could you live without her/him ?

no,id be dead before i can
ya (s)hes just a human after all

10) finnally, do you think you love her/him ?

Yes form the bottom of my heart
im not too sure
if i knew i wouldn't do this test

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Test by: lovaboy [ edit ]

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