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The Dark Side/Light Side Test

This test follows a short storyline that determines your alliance by calculating your actions and personality. It begins with who you are and goes from there.
You are a young jedi knight, fighting on a remote rainforest world against the confederacy, late in the clone wars. You begin right before a major offensive on the confederate lines, which are heavily fortified.

1) You are a jedi knight- what is your species?


2) What color are your jedi robes?

light grey
dark grey

3) What color is your lightsaber?


4) How do you wield your saber?

Single hand
Backwards (single)
Backwards (dual)

5) What is your saber fighting technique?

Flurry- All out violent attack, striking with blinding speed.
Duelist- Precise, using parries, and lethal slashes and lunges
Defensive- Protect yourself, almost impossible to disarm.
Balanced- Both attack and defense, requires patience.
Agile- dodging blows and using your body in as a lethal weapon.
Opportunist- using luck to turn the tide, and striking when your opponent is weak.

6) What force power have you mastered best?

Force concentration (push, pull,blast,block etc...)
Battle Meditation
Beast Mastery
Mind Trick

7) The republic soldiers are ready for combat. As you prepare to join them, you pass by the armory and decide to take one item. Which is it?

Commando pistol
Assualt Rifle
Grenade Satchel
Combat Knives
Medical Pack
Sniper Rifle

8) The clone walkers crash through the forest, felling trees in their path. The soldiers march behind, using the undergrowth and mechs as cover. Soon the confederacy lines are found, and their soldiers put up an stubborn defense. What position do you take?

Up in front of with the shock troops.
In the forward command post.
With a forward commando team, infiltrating the enemy lines.
In an starfighter, blasting the heck out of the enemy.
Driving one of the massive walkers.

9) The droid defenses rely mainly on a system of powerful cannons built into duracrete bunkers. What do you use to break their defense?

Send as many soldiers as possible as cannon foder to cover a commando assualt on the p
Use your heavier walkers to provide cover, then send a mass charge of infantry reinforced by jedi, snipers and heavy mortars.
Send a group of commandoes to place detonation charges on the bunkers.
Use your snipers to take out the enemy commanders.
Attack yourself, backed by a few lesser jedi and commandoes. Whose afraid of a couple droids?
Use an air strike to distract them, then infiltrate their lines- making your way to there command station. Once their, force the enemy leaders to surrender.

10) Despite your ingenius plans, you are thwarted by a major counter attack. The droids are now reinforced by Nemodian warriors and heavy tanks, not to mention a ton of regular machines and soldiers. A human, non-clone soldiers was wounded by a Nemodian blade. The soldier will be captured or die if you leave him behind, but the droids are quickly advancing. What do you do?

Put him out of his misery, so that they won't get any information from him.
Leave him alone, due to the urgency of the rest of the situation.
Grab him and put him on the nearest vehicle.
Give him extra ammo so he can slow down the confederate soldiers.
Throw him over your shoulder and run as fast as possible, with the burden
Ignore him

11) After dealing with the soldier, you grab a ride aboard a swoop. However, the rider took a sniper shot you were unable to block and dies. As he falls off the swoop, you are forced to drive the vehicle. What do you check first?

The senstivity of the controls.
The firepower capablity
The speed capablity
If the sniper is going to go for you next
What the rest of the army is doing
See if there is a faster or stronger vehicle nearby.

12) You do find another vehicle, a hovering tank. However, it is already full of soldiers. It would be faster and safer, but a clone might need to go if you jump on. What do you do?

Keep riding the swoop.
Use a force jump to land on the tank, then kick a clone off for more room.
Try to convince a clone to jump on the swoop, then you ride the tank.
Throw whoever gets in your way off, and make your way to the turret of the tank, where you proceed to drive it.

13) The clones riding the tank begin acting strangely. Someone utters "six-six" and the soldiers begin arming there weapons. What do you do?

Ignite your lightaber, hacking the soldiers before they can react.
Ignite your saber and prepare to fight, but do not strike.
Do nothing- you do not fear a few weak clones.
Try to passify them with your mind trick powers.
Prepare to jump off the tank to the forest floor.
Fry the soldiers with electricty.

14) The clones open fire and you are forced to escape the tank by leaping the ground. The tank turns and pursues. As you run, deflecting shots from behind, two Confederate tanks come into view ahead of you. Now with clones behind and droids before, what is your action?

Force leap unto the clone tank, the begin slashing the clones and kicking them off.
Jump to one of the droid tanks, and begin dismantling it with your saber blade.
Take to the ground, hiding so the two sides may destroy one another.
Leap unto a native beast and try to escape on it.

15) The smoulding remains of the tanks behind you, you make your way along the forest until you meet a party of Nemodian commandoes. They whirl around and prepare to fight. What is your strategy?

Bring a massive dead branch crashing on their heads, then finish what's left with your lightsaber.
Use force electricity to catch the flora on fire, then run while they are distracted.
Simply hack them down.
Force push the first rank into the second, then crush them dead logs and tree branches.
Use beast mastering abilities to make the native animals to attack them, thus distracting their aim.
Jump high into the trees, then leap from limb to limb, quickly losing them in the canopy.

16) The commandoes no longer a problem, you find a far more dangerous one as you prepare to cross a wide and extremely deep canyon. There is a pair of Droid-de-kas (destroyers) positioned across the canyon, standing the base of a fallen tree, the only bridge. What do you do?

Try to sneak past them.
Use your force agility to jump the caysm.
Electrocute them with your force lightning, then with their shield down, hew them to scrape.
Move across, blocking their shots as you go.
Find another route.

17) Once past the canyon, you make your way to what appears to be a landed shuttle. Out of it walks a evil cyborg cloaked in black and making strange weasing sounds as he breathes. He spots you and sends his clone soldiers towards you. What do you do?

Rush down to face him, cutting down in soldiers in your way.
Rush back into the forest, deflecting their shots.
Throw grenades, then force pull one of their guns and mow them down.
Use mind trick to send them in the wrong direction.
Use beast mastering abilities to cause several large preditors to attack them, then kill the suriviors.
Use force lighting to catch the undergrowth on fire, then use the that as a distraction to throw a massive log.

18) The soldiers no longer a problem, you face what appears to be a lord of the sith. As he advances, a shroud of darkness envelopes you. What do you do?

Slowly back away, facing your foe.
Circle him to probe his strengths and weaknesses.
Taunt him.
Launch an all out attack.
Use his darkness to fuel your your power.
Throw your saber at him.

19) Both you and he are forced into a deadly saber duel. What tactics do you use?

Nimbly dodge and parry his moves. Once he makes a mistake, strike.
Gather your anger, then smite him with sheer force.
Fight defensively, trying to wear him out.
Try to disarm him with pure saber skill.
Attempt to break the combat so that your force powers will be more effective.
Use the force around you pick up a number of heavy objects and spin them around you, making deadly shield. Then one by one, throw them at him, picking up a new one as you throw each.

20) But his power is to great. You fall to his strength. He seems unstoppable. As you fall to your knees, he tells you his name. Vader. Soldiers come to collect you. Vader wants you as his prisoner for now. You are taken aboard a starship and put in a cell. What do you do?

Look for a method of escape.
Provoke the guards.
Hit the walls with your fists and feet.

21) Vader comes into the cell with a group of men who appear to be interrogators. He begins to ask you questions. Vader also threatens torture if you do not speak. But he is asking for the location of other jedi, many your friends. What do you do?

Spit in his face, then say nothing, despite any of their efforts.
Tell him everything, then beg for your life.
Say nothing and do nothing, despite their efforts.
Jump at the guards, trying to get a weapon.
Try to use your force powers to attack him.

22) Despite your efforts, he finds what he needs to know. Then he sentences you to execution the next day. That night, another prisoner is thrust into your cell. What do you do?

Take anything of worth from him.
Try to talk with him.
Kill him with your force powers.
Ignore him.

23) Before you are able to do anything, he speaks. You learn he is a jedi padawan, and has plan of escape. You agree to help him, and the next day your are brought out before a firing squad. He pulls a gun and mowes down several troopers, and your tackle and officer. After you kill the commander and take his gun, you see two commandoes jump the padawan. You may not be able to escape if you help him, but he did give you a chance to escape. What do you do?

Forget him, save your own skin.
Go over and help him.
Crush all three with a metal container.
Try to pick off the soldiers with the pistol you stole.

24) Sadly the padawan dies. But you avenge his death by killing both commandoes. You rush out of the room, and eventually make your way to a security room. After killing its inhabitants, you find your lightsaber.
You turn just in time to see two dark jedi, both cloaked in crimson enter. Neither is the cyborg. You are forced to fight them. What are your tactics?

Attack one with all your strength, then finish the other.
Use force powers to weaken them, then go in for the kill.
Use your surroundings to even the fight, leaping from place to place.
Fight defensively, trying to wear both out.
Try to mind trick one into passivity, then fight the other.
Disarm one, then use his saber to kill the other, then turn and kill the first.

25) Both now dead, Lord vader enters, a multitude of soldiers behind him. Once again you are defeated. He runs you through. As you die, you commit one final act. What is this?

Utter the words "It is not too late even for you... and a jedi does not fear death."
Unleash a tremendous force blasting killing as many soldiers a possible.
Make a final lunge to attempt to kill Vader. (It fails)
Yell obsenities and curse the sith.
Close your eyes and send a mental warning to jedi in your range.
Pull a detenator to your hand, and attempt to destroy everyone in them ro

Please allow up to 15 seconds to process your score.

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