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The Psycho Test

This is a cool test for all ages. It really fun and I hope you enjoy it.

1) Which of these have you done in the cafeteria or in a restaurant?

Throw food at the seniors
Demolish the table
Run away when someone ugly sits next to you
Steal someone elses seat
I've never done anything bad
Always respect everyone and give extra tips

2) What will you do if someone pushes you?

Push them back to death
Go crazy and crack their nose
Push them back
Cry and run to the teacher
Ignore them
Politely ask them to apologize

3) What will you do if your teacher sees you talking to your friend?

Say "What are you looking at, stupid?"
Run out of the class
Push your friend down and hope your teacher didn't see you
Run up to your teacher and cry for forgiveness
Blame your friend
Tell your teacher you were talking about schoolwork

4) What will you do if you see an ant in your room?

Scream out loud and jump out of the window
Destroy your whole room to kill it
Eat it
Get a 5-pound book and drop it
Simply grab a tissue and kill it
Leave it cuz it's mother nature

5) What will you do if someone calls you a nerd?

Hug them
Punch them in the face andpush them down
Call them names
Say thank you (eventhough it hurt your feelings)
Walk by them
Ask them to apologize

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