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The Are you is the witch Test

this test will show are you is the witch .If you are believe that magic stick around of you .This is fun test I hope you to enjoy and happy with these test .I you found I do something wrong in this test I'm so sorry .And I won't make it again let's do this test go!!!!

1) when you sleep you ever dream about magic?

why I must to tell you
this is stupid question
all the time when I dream
I think No Cuz I have a deep sleep

2) you ever hear someone told(tell) you are the witch

Are you kidding me! have people like that in this world
Ummmm?? I think he is lunatic man
once or couple a time
Of course

3) In your family have a witch(s)

this is stupid Question

4) Are you believe in this world have magic!!!!!

Stupid! if have I'll make you to be a ugly frog
Of course . one in that is "Me"
No way!

5) Do you think in the past have a witch

I really don't care
yes! and that is my ancestor
Umm it very hard for me to answer this Question

6) You ever wear mask or cloth of the witch?

are you think I'm crazy
no, But i'll wear it next holloween

7) if you will go the fancy party. what cloth do you chose to wear?

I'll choose fancy clothe that like a concept of party
clothe like my favorite cartoon
Sorry! I don't have fancy cloth

8) If you have a one chance one thing . What do you want to have

I want to be a rich
make me happy everytime
I want to be a witch
I want to healthy
Umm it very hard foe me to answer this Question
stupid Question

9) if you see broom what is the first thing you want to do. (Nobody stay around you and have only you)

Oh!! my house is very dirty
I'll clean it
don't care
I'll ride it and fly around the world
I'm a witch

10) if you see older woman(very ugly) walk pass you . what you think?

she look very pitiful
she look scareful
stay away from me
she is the witch
so ugly

11) what is the color of cat .that you like?

I hate it
every color
two tones(such as have black and white dot , have a lines )
some cat that have something special

12) If you're witch .what is first thing you think.

I have power
stay alone Cuz it's so scareful
I don't know .cuz i never be the witch
Umm it very hard for me to answer this Question
don't care use the simple life

13) if your friend told you that he was the witch .What should is the first thing you'll do

Are you kidding me
that not joke
what should i do tobe the witch like you
tell me how to be
that's joke
that pretty good

14) If you found foundation(s) of real witch what do you do.

that foundation(s) will make me to be the witch
do like nothing happened
keep it to be your own
tell your friend about this story
stay clam take a deep breath then go away

15) you ever see old woman ride broom and fly into the sky.

once or twice in my life
more than 3 times
are you kidding me ? I think there aren't the witch
it's just dream

16) what is the witch in your imagination?

old woman
perfect lady
I can't think
maybe like you

17) How well you know about the witch?

I know everything about witch
don't care
some story
I'm a witch .You can ask me too.

18) why you want to do this test?

Iwant to proove myself
I want to be a witch
nothing that interest more than this
spare time
I don't know too

19) How you find this test?

finish another quiz
from blog
from another web
my friend sent to me
search by myself
it's destiny

20) If you are real witch(from this test) you 'll tell to another people or not+++

No, it just joke test
no,if I tell this story to another people them'll think i'm crazy
don't know cuz idon't know who am i now
Ummmm. I'll think about it when i know this answer

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