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The Spongebobquiz (hard) Test

Answer the questions, i dont care about how honest u r because its quiz questions

1) In the episode where Spongebob and Patrick go to Sandy\\\'s house while she is hibernating what are the cowboy names they hear and pretend to be?

Krusty Krabs and Pointy Squidward
Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry
Cowboy Gary and Cowboy Barry
Plankton and Anchovies
Sheriff Sandy and Lt.Phish

2) In the Spongebob movie how does Plankton take over Bikini Bottom?

Bad burgers
Quel les dat de tons anniversaire? (endlessly repeat)
Chum bucket helmets
Lava lamps
He gets the secret formula

3) What secret is inside Patricks box?

A head
A bomb
Embarrasing pics of Spongebob at the party
The secret formula

4) When Mr.Krabbs makes Spongebob and Squidward do a pizza delivery what happens?

Aliens take them away
Plankton takes them in return for the formula
Spongebob sits on a hook and is taken away
Spongebob drives the boat whcih get them lost
Mr Krabs looses his first dime

5) How many people does Spongebob invite to the party at his house?

Bikini Bottom comes

6) What is the name of the ghost in Squidwards tale?

Trash Slinging Masher
The fash slinging washer
The hash slinging slasher
The crash bringing lasher

7) In the movie why does King Neptune have a crown on his head?

To show he is king of the sea
To hide a bald head
To eat (yum yum)
A cushion

8) What does Spongebob keep saying in this episode? (when ssquidward gets the day off)

I hate you
Im ready
Patrick star!
Have u finished those erins?

9) In the episode where Spongebob has to deliver the pizzas with Squidward what does he keep singing?

Spongebob squarpants!
Im ready
Jingle bells mermaid man smells
The krusty krab pizza is th e pizza 4 u and me
Krusty krraaaaaaaaaaab pizza is coming over the hill is it a monster....

10) What is the three arch nemesiss of mermaid man and barnacle boy?
choose one

The dirty bubble
Man ray
The atomic flounder

11) The insturment Squidward play?

electric guitar
drum set

12) In the health inspector episode what does Spongebob call the kabby patty he gives to the health inspector

Pretty patty
gnarly patty
nasty patty
bad patty
gary patty

13) When Spongebob falls and almost breaks his bum and then lives in his house, what are his friends?

Chip, mustard, hot sauce
Gary, penny, lamp
CHOCOLATE, krabby patty, chip
chip, penny, and USED napkin

14) The name of this place?(where squidward moves to)

Lamp city
spongey hampton

15) When spongebob becomes a lifeguard what does he put on his nose instead of suncream?

sun block
ice cream
horse radish

16) spongebob and patrick\'s fav. sport?

football (ENGLISH kind)
american football
burger tossing

17) Which of these is a patrick and spongebob phrase?

spongebob:hey patrick are you mad? patrick:yeah! spongebob:why? patrick:cause i cant see my forhead
patrick:spongebobs a baby! spongebob:am not! <crys> patrick:and he kisses his grandma
spongebob and patrick:hello and what would you like to buy at this restaurant?

18) Why does Patrick have a board nailed to his head?

He is dumb
he is helping spongebob build his house
he feels no pain
he copies me

19) What do the people at the petrol station in the movie say to spongebob and patrick

what will it be fellers mustard or ketchup?
so, does that hat take 10gallons?
you wont last an hour over the county line

20) At the salty spatoon why does spongebob need an amublance

he got in a BAAAAD fight
he slipped on an ice cube and got a \'booboo\'
weenie hut jr. tripped him up
mr.krabbs accused him of taking a dime off him and well....you know what dat means

21) why do spongebob and patrick run away in \'a life of crime\'

they just robbed a bank
made the giant oyster cry
they popped a balloon they borrowed
squidward made a complaint

22) what does spongebob call the drawing he made with the \'magic pencil\'?

le spongey
the moaning sponge
doodle bob

23) and how do they defeat it?

rubbing his face off
bribing him to go away
eat him
get him to step on paper
glue him to the floor
drink him

24) Do you like spongebob? (wont affect score)


25) you gonna show ur score? (doesnt affect score)


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Test by: David [ edit ]

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