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Military Duty - Can you survive WW3?

WW3 erupts, and you enlisted for the [REDACTED] division. You are deployed on [REDACTED] against [REDACTED], and the whole world is involved in the war. Will you survive this chaos? Or will you fall to your enemies?


Since you were enlisted to the [REDACTED] division, you will have to choose your weapon. You choose...



You are in a boat, ready to deploy to your battle. 1 hour later, you are close to the beach. MG fire whizz past you, and artillery bombards your position.



The boat reaches the beach. You all get off the boat. 7 out of 15 soldiers die right when they jump out. You have to think fast. You do..



Your squad and one other has seen a weak spot in the defenses. You do...



Whatever you chose, you got a breach into the seawall, and squads pile up to get in. Your enemies spot the breach and focuses fire power on the position. You do..



The beach has silenced, you won the battle, but not the war. You do..



You get orders from HQ, that a squad needs backup not too far away from the beach. You do..



Whatever you do, you reach the battle and the squad are surrounded. You are on a hill, which means you have the high ground. You do..



You won the battle, and the squad is relieved. Other battles have silenced the war out and there is one last battle to fight. It is the capital of [REDACTED].



You deploy to the battle. Bullets whiz past you. Artillery bombards your position. You have to think fast. Your men are quickly dying. You do..



Out of nowhere, a enemy tank rolls into combat, and is firing on other squads, but not on yours. You do..



Whatever you did, a allied tank quickly rolls into combat, and artillery bombards the enemy tank. Quickly, the enemy tank erupts in flames and the enemies are quickly losing morale. You spot a weak spot in the midst of combat. You do...



Your enemies realized the weak spot, and focusing fire on the weak spot. Since their fire is focused on that one spot, there is an other weak spot. You do..



Whatever you did, your enemies have been reduced to 1 squad left, desperately making a last stand. You do..



You won the battle, resulting into you winning the war.



If you were wondering, this person was the person who made "Police Duty - Are you a good officer?" [DOESNT AFFECT SCORE]


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