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Questions about embarrassing events.

Have you had any of the following situations happen to you?


Have your pants ever suddenly fallen down?



Have you ever spilled water or another liquid in your lap that made it look like you peed your pants?



Have you ever had your pants rip?



Have you ever decided to let out a fart, only to find out after the fact that it wasn't actually a fart?



Has anyone ever suddenly yanked your pants down?



Have you ever needed to pee, only to find when you go to use the bathroom that your zipper or other closure on your pants was stuck, preventing you from removing them?



Have you ever needed to pee so badly that you were afraid you might wet your pants before you could make it to the bathroom in time?



Have you ever needed to pee so badly that you just couldn't hold it any longer wet your pants?



How many times have you accidentally wet your pants? (Only count those times where you didn't make it to the bathroom at all and completely soaked your clothes.)



Do you use public restrooms?



Have you ever played a game where everyone holds their pee in until someone, and in some cases, everyone, wets their pants? If you've played multiple times, select those answers that match your most recent game for the next few questions.



If you've played the game mentioned in the question above, which of the following is true?



Much like the previous question, if you've played the game mentioned, which of the following is true?


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