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Take this test while alone!

I guess your alone. But if not then don't do the questions marked ***, unless alone


*** ok first do the following, wear (if male) boxers and a t-shirt, or (if female) wear only bra and panties



Go to a private room and get on your knees, *** then attempt to touch yourself, keep your clothes on



3! \ (\ means you can do this even when not alone!) Do this, play an emberresing song



*** now get up, and pull down your boxers/panties and play with yourself a little more



***-- (female only) now go ahead and take your bra off, don't feel shy, then play with your "features" for a bit



*** put on your clothes and drink as much water as you can untill you pee your self, when you do. Continue drinking while attempting to stop peeing, do this for 3 minutes then stop, and pee your underwear



*** drink water untill you feel like you REALLY need to pee, take of your underwear and pee



*** play with your self again



*** Ok, just try to get off (you know what I mean 😏)



*** stop! Now I'm done teasing you! But one last thing
*Inhales and exhales*
Eat untill you need to poop
Drink untill you need to pee
Put on clothes (if taken off)
Pee and poop yourself



\ now read a book! Trust me, it's too for you!


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