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Could you survive the haunted house?

Idk what to actually put here....


It's raining and you're soaking wet, you suddenly found a big house that looks kinda creepy... so you decided to go in, right when you walk in the door shuts, it won't open...



There was a loud bang around the hallway, you then hear shuffling sounds getting closer...



(Whatever you did besides running you decided to run anyways) The thing was actually a phantom! it suddenly grabbed you and it's choking you.



You managed to get away and run, there's objects flying at you.



A carpet below you has captured you!



You got out of the carpet and as you were about to land, you're floating in the air and coming towards the phantom!



You miraculously got free and starting running, but you have run out of stamina!



The phantom has hit you and you get thrown to the wall, it's about to hit you again...



You are walking away and you can't run due to your injuries, the doors have open and the phantom is getting closer to you.



You finally got out. (You have fainted)



You awaken in a hospital, you see your leg and wounds have been patched up... (The answers won't effect score)


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