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Response to the facts about Nerdguy

Hello. :-)
My friend Nerdguy shared curious and interesting facts about himself.
This quiz has been made by Ivo.


Nerdguy, are you the test taker, sweetie?



Your good reputation of a kid who sings well is awesome. Good for you, sweetie!



Was it kind of you to call your teacher "j**k" and did you apologize to him or to her?



Nerdguy, do you respect your teachers? You should always respect teachers.
I have always believed that you are smart. Please, do not disappoint me.



When you got thirty points on a contest, how many points was the maximum? Will you specify, please?



If your heart is on your right side, this might be a sign that you are a genius
Do you understand?



I am interested in one thing about you. If Poppy makes on NerdTests a quiz where she explains her love and respect for me ,
if she loves me more than what she loves everyone else, and considers me the most awesome person,
how will you react?
Will you answer this question as a fact about yourself, please?



And, my other question is... What does howtobasic mean? Will you clarify it, please?



Nerdguy, I had fun with some things that you used to do at night when you were even younger.
Do you understand this?



Do you remember your exact dream about me?



In relation to my previous question, do you consider yourself a vivid dreamer?



I remember my test about theŠ¼ names similarities but the computer where i had bookmarked my links, stopped working suddenly and I no longer have the links to the results. Anyways...
Do you understand this?



I am being more passive in replying to you because you chased out a harmless guy who wanted to befriend me, and now I have one friend fewer because of you.
You are still a friend to me, of course.
I told you this because you asked me.
Do you understand?
Do you understand this?



Right now i am on a seaside holiday . And i am using my tablet.
Do you believe me?



I have not seen the picture of your face. Pkease, post it again for me .
Will you do this, please



Sweetie, thank you very much for dedicating your quizzes to me. You are a cute friend. Again, thank you.
*Hugs you.* Do you hug me back?


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