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Music Lyrics Quiz!

As I have said before, you match up the song lyric with the song! This isn't all going to be pop music, but most of will be. When you get your score, be glad, because this test isn't going to put the song title in the song lyrics I give you.


Are You Ready? (Click "Yes" to get credit for this question)



Here's your first song!

"She got cherry lips, angel eyes. She knows exactly how to tantalize, she's out to get you danger by design, cold-blooded vixen, she don't compromise. She's something mystical in colored lights, so far from typical but take my advice. Before you play with fire, do think twice, and if you get burned, don't be surprised."



Here's your second song!

"I'm a flame, you're the fire. I'm the dark in need of light, and we touch, you inspire. Will it change in me tonight? We can die, in desire, or we can burn in love tonight."



Clean Bandit Bonus Round! (Answers will count against you.)

"She works the nights, by the water. She's gone astray, so far away, from my father's daughter. She just wants a life, for her baby. All on her own, no one will come, she's got to save him."



Charlie Puth bonus round!

"She said, 'Boy tell me honestly, was it real or just for show?' She said, 'Save your apologies, baby I just gotta know.'"



Your Final Song!

"Your friends, my friends, and they ain't leavin' 'till six in the morning. Caught a chill, baby you the coldest, go far, put 'em on notice. If you know what I want, then yeah."



The next few questions are essentially freebies. Just pick "Yay, A Freebie!" to proceed.



"Yay, A Freebie!"



"Yay, Another Freebie!"



Freebies Are Love, Freebies Are Life


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