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how well do you know reesegray606?

This is just a fun quiz. I'm sorry if you don't know Reese, but she is a girl and a sweet person x please take this quiz even if you don't know her because it might make you understand how great she is and it might make you realise she is the right Youtuber for you x :P


how old is Reese?



What is her dead sister called?



What am I called? :3 I'm her bff and her 4thie x



Ok Now what is my age?



Ok now its Hard! how did I first meet her to her?/on msp



How many sisters do I have?



Ok back to Reese who is her bfftle (best friends for totally like ever)



She has a new relative In her family what is it?



Now search up legitreese on youtbe watch one of her videos and listen to it do you like her accent?



I'm circuslady on moviestarplanet so look at I video I'm in and are we good at making vids together?


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