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Until Dawn Quiz!

How much do you know about the recently released game, Until Dawn? Find out here!


Okay, the story started out with...hmmm...I don't remember the character who invited their friends to the lodge. Can you tell me?



Thanks, I forgot. I hope you told me the truth there! Anyway, the friends decided to play a prank on one of the girls, Hannah, who had a crush on one of the male characters. Who was this character?



Embarrassed, Hannah ran out of the lodge and her sister, Beth, saw her. Here, the first choice of the game was given to the player. What was this choice?



A year later, the characters went back to the lodge, unfortunately without Hannah and Beth who died the year before. How did they die?



While introducing the characters, they introduced Emily. What was one of her personality traits?



Who was the first person to see the psycho, who was trying to kill them on the mountain?



Who are the two characters who survive until the final scene in the lodge, no matter what?



You are given a choice when you're escaping the Wendigos as Matt when you're with Jessica, where the percentage of one of the choices triumphs over the other one. Which choice was more popular?



When you're escaping the Wendigo as Emily, she unfortunately gets bitten. However, there is a way to avoid this. How can it be avoided?



In a sick twist, it turns out that the whole night was planned by one of the friends. Who was this?


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