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am i a geek (girls only)

Most of you out there are probabley wondering if you are a true geek or if you are just a regular kid.This quiz will help you to find out.


It is a friday night after school, your mates suggest you all go out to the diner but you have homework. what do you do?



A boy asks you out on a school night. You know you have a test tomorrow but he is so dreamy. Would you



Your in science and your teacher asks a question that no one can answer but you. Would you



It is Thursday and you have a twenty page essay due in on Monday. You go home and manage to finish it before you go to school the next day. Would you?



You are in maths using your calculator. When you type in 9 times 3, 28 pops up on the screen. you know the correct answer is 27. Would you?



you are on the computer and you dont know what to play. would you



you are at the phone shop and you find three phones you like. do you go for?



you have £5 and are going to spend it on sweets. you also remember that your mum asked you to bring some change, do you?



there are 3 flavours of ice cream. chocolate is one pound vanilla is two pound and strawberry is three pound would you



you have a choice of three drinks in your fridge. water, fanta, lemonade. what do you drink?


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