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The real psycho Test

This is the REAL test...don't believe the last one. the last one was rubbish. This test has been qualified by many many universities.

1) You are walking down an dark alley. You see something in front of you. What do you think it is?

Mystical creature

2) Your cell phone rings and a person you don't know is ringing you. What would you do?

Answer it anyway
Ignore it
Throw your cell phone into the bin
Smash your cell phone into pieces
Change your phone number

3) Your parents get a new dog but you don't like it. What do you do?

Torture the dog
Care for the dog
Starve the dog to death
Tell your parents about the situation
Ignore the dog

4) You usually get a lot of chain mail. When you check your inbox, there are 500 emails (not necessarily chain mails). What do you do?

Delete all of them without looking
Begin to look
Begin to look but halfway through, you give up
Email your friends and shout at them the next day
Ignore them

5) You are standing in front of a glass panel and looking down into the street 100 feet below. What do you do?

Countinue looking
Smash the glass window
Smash the glass window and jump down
Walk away
Call the mafiya to destroy the building

6) Someone calls you names that you don't like. What do you do?

Punch them in the face
Ignore them
Call them names back
Throw food at their face
Break their leg

7) Look at this picture:

What is the first thing you think of when you see his face?

What an ugly face!
Oh my god thats me!!!
What a HUGE beard!
Well thats lovely!!! Whats his cellphone number?
He looks like a zombie...

8) How many times can you fold a A4 paper in half?

1 time
2-4 times
5-8 times
9-12 times
More than 12 times

9) What is the closest to your hobby?

Online stuff (MSN, Surfing the Net, etc.)
Dismanting the computer
Flying into a rage

10) Did/do you sometimes mumble to yourself or invent your own language?

WHAT did you say?

11) Do you think you are psycho?

No way!
What is psycho?
I'm kinda in between...
WHAT are you talking about?

12) Which of the following would you like to meet?

God and his entourage of angels
Satan and his devils
Mystical creatures
The dead

13) YOu come across many shops. Which one would you want to go into?

'Funky clothes'
'Power of destruction'
'Arts and Crafts'
'Lethal weapons'
'Science is kewl'

14) If you finished this test, would you show your results to anyone?

Only my friends and family
Only my friends
Only my family

15) Why?

'Cos they'll laugh at me
I don't really care
I want everyone to be aware of me
They would discover my terrifying secret
It's just not appropriate

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