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Postby Dr J » Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:33 am

BlackMumba wrote: Just because someone (or something) does not “please” a person, it does not make that person a belittler of that someone (or something).

I'm afraid it does, but it means that you think that you have the right to judge women, using the criteria of what pleases you. What men want or what pleases men is irrelevant. our patriarchal society provides an abundance of judgement on women, it's a form of control over women.

BlackMumba wrote:The quote above is an indication of your lack of maturity. You may also sense that you need to score some cheap points with a witty comment like that, because you can sense you do not have much to contribute to your loosing argument. Have you heard of a typo? What is that? You have another witty comment? Here once you are done with that, here That’s right. I now how to respond to people like you. Learn to show some respect.

Sorry BlackMumba, but in my eyes someone has to earn respect. And as far as I knew my argument was getting tighter. :lol:

BlackMumba wrote:Oh really?

“Bimbo . . . is understood to mean a woman unless modified as male bimbo, himbo, or mimbo (” Stop pulling dookie out of your arse and “make sure that you have the bite [ (facts) ] to back up your bark [ (argument) ].”

This is the firt time I'd ever come across the word 'himbo', possibly because no one uses the word.

And besides, it's a derivative of a word that is female in its origin, which means it's still inherently sexist, in the same way that words like 'girly' are used with negative connotations about men.

BlackMumba wrote:The word “indulges” is the wrong word to use in the sentence. You don’t now why? *Sigh* Refer to the link above, you know which one. The quoted person was referring to one, of possibly many, good qualities of a women who is lacking one specific quality.

Like I said, what right does this poster think he has to judge women in this way?

BlackMumba wrote:
'using words in place of the evidence that you lack.'

Well that is rich coming from you. You are the one who lacks evidence. The onos is on you to provide the evidence, since you are making the accusations of “where ... the part about a juvenile attitude towards women [came] from.” Further more, I am not the person who is accusing people with one liners. I was defending the argument with explanations. Nice try, but no come back there.

Are you so stupid that you didn't realise that you've just quoted yourself, and therefore replied to yourself here? :lol:

BlackMumba wrote:Oh looky here, I am dealing with a hypocrite. As proven above, you “pull dookie out of your arse” and do not bother to http://www.fu( anything.

What the hell? Why have you pasted this from another thread? All the evidence I need is in this thread, when I quote what people have said. I then analyse what people have said. Ed makes ridiculous statements like 'you're not allowed to talk in class', even though I was permitted to talk in class. Ed, rather risibly, has taken his own experience and decided that all other schools are like his.

BlackMumba wrote:“Features such as a symmetrical face, full lips, and low waist-hip ratio, are commonly considered physically attractive when part of a female, because they are thought to indicate physical health and high fertility to a potential mate.(” Natural instinct is natural instinct. By the way, 'lad-mag’ has a broader meaning to what you are trying to narrow it down to.

That's misogynistic beyond belief, as if women are just machines to produce babies. Natural instinct is not an excuse, besides it's a logical fallacy, as the philosopher G.E. Moore demonstrated.

BlackMumba wrote:“Birds of a feather Fudge together.” If you do not have things in common, then what are you going to talk about? “...which is a form of narcissism,” this is a useless opinion until you prove it. Even if you can prove your opinion true, my quote still invalidates your opinion.

Maybe a non-narcissistic attitude where opposites attract? Your quote proves nothing. I've already offered 'proof', that is to say, explained in what way the aforesaid quote was narcissistic.

BlackMumba wrote:You should know the definition of the word “bimbo” by now. “Bimbo” is a word which has a unique meaning. “Nigger” is a derogatory word.

I always did know the meaning of the word 'bimbo'. :roll:

The word 'bimbo' is derogatory, just like the word 'nigger' is. 'Bimbo' is sexist, 'nigger' racist.

In fact, the word 'himbo' is sexist in the same way 'wigger' is racist.
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
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Re: @DR J:

Postby Dr J » Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:41 am

oxymoron wrote:
Dr J wrote:
BlackMumba wrote:
It can be seen that a lot of men make quick irrational decistions with their smaller head, rather than with their bigger head, when it comes to women and sex, relationships, etc. The person quoted above is pointing out the fact that they tend to think things through. Is their something wrong with that?

Like I said, the person equates 'logical' thought with a lack of finding women attractive.

No, he just equated it with a lack of letting attractive women control him, which men are said to do. And it would be very misogynistic to treat attractive women better than other women.

And why would attractive women control him?
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
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